I am a helper dog.

Hello, I am Lennie Dawg, writing to you today about a new idea of mine. I was not trained to do what I am about to tell you about–this was my idea.

They say I am extremely energetic, but I think that humans are just slow. Cats do not move very fast, and my brother and sister dogs do not move as fast as I do, either. They say that I am so energetic because I am one half Jack Russell Terrier, a type of dog that is full of energy. They also say that I am 1/2 poodle, and I have poodle hair, but I keep hearing them say that I act like a Jack Russell Terrier. I don’t know what this all means, but I do know I love to run and jump.

So, this week, I decided I could do more for Dr. Marcie. She has a lot of trouble going up stairs, and we live in a 2nd floor apartment. So, I insist to help her by first grabbing the mail and taking it up the stairs and laying the mail near the door. Then I go back down and get her billfold and take that up the stairs & put that with the mail, then go back down once again and get her phone, and I get all of the things she is carrying so that she can get up the stairs without carrying anything. She really appreciates this and I know how much she loves me. She keeps saying how much I help her! I love it when she says that!!

I just love being her helper dog!  Lennie Dawg Zinn

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