Service Dogs are always working!

Of course Service Dogs become tired, but what makes a good service dog is that they will come out of a deep sleep and help their handler (you). There is no hesitation. They are there for you, no matter what happens. This unerring loyalty is typical of all dogs, but when you work with and train a dog to be a service dog, it becomes much more salient.

I find that Lennie is truly responsive to my needs. When I am in bed, which happens often, he is right there, beside me. He gets me what I ask for and never hesitates. He was not always like this; he becomes more of a ‘helper dog’ as time goes on. The training has very positive effects on all of his behavior and he comes up with new things himself without training.

He is amazing, but so are all service dogs. The training transforms the dogs, and he clearly sees himself as a ‘helper dog’ and behaves accordingly. Believe me–it is the training, not so much the dog. You cannot assess a dog’s intelligence and you cannot tell what their potential is until you have worked extensively with that dog. I urge you to refrain from  Just get your dog and work with the dog often, nearly daily, and your dog will learn.