Bootcamp 3: Jumping

How to train your dog to not jump on you or others.

This is a common problem among dog owners, and training your dog to not jump on people needs to happen first in training.

It is really simple but it will take repetition with you NEVER allowing it. When your dog jumps on you, take hold of her front paws, shove her back a little, and down, while saying “NO” over and over again, using your upset voice. Let your dog know right away that it is not OK. Say “no, no, no” while shoving your dog down. After your dog learns to sit and stay on command, you will add that after the initial “NO.”

Some people find that the dog is a little relentless, so you can lightly tap your dog’s back feet with you own foot–just enough so the dog knows it, but do not hurt the dog (obviously). However, I have never had to use this foot tapping thing. I only use the stern “NO” and push the dog away as stated above. Lennie stopped doing this long ago.

Do this the same way every time, only say NO but nothing else, and keep it up until the dog gets it.

Dog training tip: you must be direct with your dog. Ignoring him, saying long sentences to explain “why” or “why not” will never work. You must stick with very basic commands and say them the same way every time, using emotion in your voice to convey approval or disapproval.


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