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Taking Care of Service Dogs


Training begins with potty training, progressing to good manners. Concentrate on your dog coming to you when called, and when your dog gets agitated, put him on his side and hold him there until he calms down. Remember to use emotion in your voice to convey approval or disapproval.


Dog training tip: you must be direct with your dog. Ignoring him, saying long sentences to explain why or why not will never work. You must stick with very basic commands and say them the same way every time, using emotion in your voice to convey approval or disapproval.


That may be difficult for you, but you can teach your dog to walk with you in your house then move outside. The goal will be training your dog to walk beside you, NOT pull on the leash. Remember to use your approval or disapproval voice and always reward with small treats.


Avoid feeding table scraps or human food, and definitely no bones, raw meat, candy, etc. Dogs can, and do, choke on bones and can become ill from tainted meat. Lennie gets a variety of high quality dog foods. Pet stores sell doggie cookies and Lennie loves them.